Gift of Clean Water: Ramadan with Solar Water Project

This Ramadan, join our mission to spread the gift of clean drinking water to under-served communities.

With your support, we can turn the tide against water scarcity and bring hope, health, and clean water to countless families.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said: "The best charity is to give water to drink."

[Sahih al-Jami no.1113]

This campaign is ZAKAT ELIGIBLE.

By donating to this campaign, you will be fulfilling your Zakat obligations.

Help us serve clean water to Pakistan, Yemen, and Gaza

Our Mission

To ensure access to clean water and improve health outcomes.

Why is donating for clean water so crucial?

  • Water scarcity affects 1 in 7 Muslims, impacting their access to education, health, and quality of life.
  • Two billion people face water scarcity globally, with women and girls dedicating 200 million hours daily to water collection.
  • Unclean water contributes to 1 million deaths annually, impacting 26% of neonatal and 11% of maternal mortality.

Every dollar you donate impacts lives for the better.

Our Solutions


  • Ultra-filtration removes 99.9% of bacterial and arsenic contamination.
  • Powered by 100% renewable energy through solar panels.
  • Serves 5000 people daily for 5 years guaranteed.
  • "IKEA- style" assembly allows system setup in record 7 mins.

OASIS Box Family

  • Multi-step filtration process removes 99.9% of bacterial & chemical contamination.
  • Solar power and battery ensure uninterrupted supply of clean water.
  • Serves 50 people with clean water daily.
  • Lightweight and Strap-quipped, ideal for displaced families.

OASIS Hand Pump

  • Ultrafiltration removes 99.9% bacterial contamination.
  • Serves 500 liters of clean water per hour.
  • Draws water from up to 100 feet depth.
  • Anti-Corrosive treatment ensures durability and longevity in challenging environmental conditions.

Live Reporting

Each Box is fitted with our data analytics technology to allow donors to track the location of their Box and their personal impact (cups of clean water).

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